Circle of Death is the world’s most popular party game!
No need to bring a pack of cards when you have this app that combines everyone’s favorite party games into one. Players take turns drawing a card and performing the party game actions paired with each card. Also known as King’s Cup, Waterfall or Ring of Fire, this game of Circle of Death includes…
• Never Have I Ever
• Categories
• Question Master
• Waterfall
• Thumb Master
• Game of Sevens
• Rhymes
• and more!
Don’t like a card rule? Have your own custom game rules you like to play with? Edit any of the game rules easily in the settings menu.
BOMB CARDS now change up and enhance the game with special challenges as you play.
BUDDY CARDS match two players together to play as a team throughout the rest of the game.
STAR CARDS deliver a new special challenge to the game every month.
So, gather a group of friends around a table and kick off a wild and fun night with Circle of Death: The World’s Greatest Party Game